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Pregnancy Massage

Although my practice includes many types of clients, women's health has always been a focus in my practice. My experience as a Doula and continued study of Maya Abdominal and Uterine Massage has given me an affinity for working with expecting mothers. My awareness of the emotional, postural, and physiological shifts that take place during pregnancy has left my clients feeling grateful for the specificity of my bodywork.

When working with pregnant women I use use a bolstering system that allows women to lie face down on the the massage table. It is comfortable and allows me great access to areas of the body that typically hold tension in pregnancy. I also can work in the sidelying postion.

In addition, I offer Labor Support Massage services. I can come to the hospital or to your home to help relieve the discomfort and anxiety that can be experienced in labor. In addition to massage, I may employ hydrotherapy and essential oils.

Pregnancy Massage Fees:

1 hour: $90-$110 sliding scale

1 1/2 hours: $125-$140 sliding scale

Labor Support Massage Fees:

3-4 Hours: $350

This fee takes into account that I will be on- call from 10 days before to 10 days after your due date and includes a 30 minute "intake" process where we discuss the role I will play and modalities I will employ at your birth.

We are fortunate in the Ithaca community to have a lot of choice and support for families that are expecting. I have supported many such families as they prepare for birth and in the labor and delivery of their baby.

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