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Arjan Makar, LMT
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Ithaca, New York

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Massage Techniques

My bodywork is an eclectic mix of contacting specific muscles with slow focused pressure and bringing my clientsí awareness to the energy that circulates in the body. With knowledge of where muscles attach, I facilitate their lengthening so there is a more spacious feel in the body, allowing more blood circulation to help stressed or damaged tissue repair itself.

Although my work is site specific and considered more of a medical massage, I bring a therapeutic quality of relaxation to the session. I feel it is important to stimulate the parasymapthetic (also known as "rest and digest") nervous system in order for the body to come into balance and allow the tissue to heal.

I am a 1998 graduate of the Finger Lakes School of Massage and have had continuing education throughout my career.

I have training and use frequently the following modalities: connective tissue (deep tissue) therapy, neuromuscular therapy, medical massage, and Maya Abdominal Massage.

My work has helped people with the following conditions:

  • sprains and strains
  • plantar fasciitis
  • shin splints
  • whiplash
  • TMJ
  • migraines/headaches
  • shoulder injuries
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • digestive and reproductive issues
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