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Life Coaching

My love passion for integrating the awareness of the body and the mind has led me to begin my Coactive Life Coach Certification. Our transitions and perceived challenges in life can be transformative experiences by working with a coach who is trained to ask powerful questions about your experience. I see it as an honor to be that person and am committed to a gentle and powerful approach, with heart, humor, and respect for my clients’ wholeness.

Breakthrough Session:
This is a 45-60 minute session where we jumpstart your natural resourcefulness and creativity. You will leave the session with a clear understanding of your values and an action(s) you can take to propel you forward. It can be done on the phone or in person. $60

Body Inquiry Session:
This is a 90 minute session that combines massage therapy and coaching! We rely so much on thinking as a way to problem solve and although a clear mind and sharp intellect are wonderful resources, the mental realm has its limitations.

In a Body Inquiry Session I support you in being with sensations in the body and following these sensations as a way to gather wisdom about whatever you may be facing. Sensations are like clues to unlocking a mystery. Pain, whether physical or emotional is transformed into a powerful invitation to inquire more, listen and adjust. Pleasant sensations are open doorways that can lead you to a different perspective. You will leave this session with a deepened relationship with your body as resource and a different perspective on your current challenge. $150

3 Month Deep Dive (6 Sessions of coaching to be used over 3 months):
This package allows us to explore more than 1 challenge, creates accountability, and offers more time to brainstorm, dream and play with perspective. It is an opportunity to have a companion on your journey for a while and reap the most benefits from the coaching relationship. In order to harness the most power from this package, the sessions must be used in a 3 month time frame. $300-$400 Sliding Scale

"Unless the mind dimension of the body and the body dimension of the mind are mutually unified in dialogue their oneness cannot be perceived. The function of words is to excite an interest in having the experience. After having the experience there is no need for the words." --Deane Juhan

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